The Bug on the Floor
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The bug on the floor moved so slow I wonder if it wanted me to smash it with my shoe. I gave that a try.  Quickly, I approached, I wanted to catch it unawares, but as I lifted my shoe, the bug picked up its pace, and my shoe stomped empty space.

The bug turned and gave me a grin and showed me its butt to my total disgrace.  In my fury I stomped again, but the bug showed no fear and wiggled away.  My shoe falling on empty space.

That night in my room I pondered my disgrace. Shamed by a bug no bigger than a button, with a wiggle as furious as empty space.

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Consider This:
When birds burp, it must taste like bugs. Bill Watterson

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Despite what is implied by some, America is a great country. The real question is for how long we will retain that greatness; we are, I think, already on the path of decline. However, we are still powerful and strong, and because other countries are also in decline or not …

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