The Evolving Monkey

  1. Why the American jury system does not work


    We have too many biases

    • Juries can see the defendant and make judgments based on factors not important to the case
    • Not all defendants present themselves well and are judge negatively
    • Some defendants present themselves very well and are judged positively

    Juries of private citizens do not know what they are doing

    • Juries are asked to make judgments on law they have little understanding of
    • Juries are not trained to ask the correct questions concerning how the lawyers conduct their cases (i.e. did the lawyers ask leading questions, important questions, questions that mattered to the case, etc.)
    • Juries make too many judgments based on gut feelings.
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  2. Why you have duties to others

    a green mother earth with tree
    Mother Earth

    First reason

    • No on has absolute ownership of anything
    • Others have as much right to what you have as you do
    • Cooperation is necessary to resolve issues of who controls what

    Second reason

    • You live in a society of other humans and beings
    • They have rights just as you do
    • You must respect those rights willingly or be forced to do so
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  3. If no one wants to be evil, why don’t evil people just stop being evil?


    How we are raised and habits learned.

    • Humans are creatures of habit.
    • If we develop immoral behavioral patterns, we will be immoral. (i.e. In other words, "teach your children well".)
    • Habits, good or bad, will become a part of who you are and can be difficult for a person to recognize in themselves.

    How we think

    • Thinking is habitual too.
    • We think in loops. Rehashing the same thinking habits over and over. If it’s a good thinking habit, well that’s good. If not, it can lead bad behavior.
    • We often never consider that we might be wrong, preventing any hope of correcting personal errors. Self-examination can be one of those good thinking loops.
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