The Evolving Monkey

  1. How can you know what to believe?

    • A belief can never be certain.
      • A currently known fact might be discovered that will overturn the belief.
      • There’s no way to know if such an undiscovered fact is out there waiting to be discovered.
      • So, there is no way to know with absolute certainty the Truth of a belief.
      • All you can do is develop a reasonable judgment as to what is true and what is false.
    Cute, colorful dragon Chinadrag
    Do you believe in dragons?
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  2. Why you will always do your best, even if you don’t try to

    • First reason
      • Everyone wishes for the best life possible
      • Everyone seeks happiness and fulfillment
      • Everyone hopes each day will be a good day
      • No one wishes to sabotage their own life and happiness
    • Second reason: If a you have two choices…
      • To do a good job with the possibility of something good at the end of the job or even during the job…
      • Or doing a bad job just for the hack of it, knowing you are giving up the possibility of a great reward…
      • You will always seek to do a good job
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