The Evolving Monkey

If no one wants to be evil, why don’t evil people just stop being evil?

How we are raised and habits learned.

  • Humans are creatures of habit.
  • If we develop immoral behavioral patterns, we will be immoral. (i.e. In other words, "teach your children well".)
  • Habits, good or bad, will become a part of who you are and can be difficult for a person to recognize in themselves.

How we think

  • Thinking is habitual too.
  • We think in loops. Rehashing the same thinking habits over and over. If it’s a good thinking habit, well that’s good. If not, it can lead bad behavior.
  • We often never consider that we might be wrong, preventing any hope of correcting personal errors. Self-examination can be one of those good thinking loops.
Doctor Evil

The brain and how it does not always work correctly

  • The human body, which includes of course the brain, is far from perfect.
  • Much bad behavior might have a root cause from biological brain malfunction

Social influences

  • We care very much about what others think of us.
  • If we are surrounded by good people, that helps us to be good. If we are surround by bad people, that influences us to be bad.

What is a good person?

  • No one sets out to be a bad or evil person. To do so intentionally, they would already have to be bad.
  • For the reasons already mentioned, a bad or evil person might not recognize themselves as being those things.
  • You might be bad and evil and not even realize it.

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