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  1. What does it mean to be good?

    • Stages to developing a mature understanding of goodness:
      • First step, babies and children equate receiving approval with being good.
      • Second step, older children will begin to understand, vaguely, that being a good person requires more than just receiving approval.
      • Third step, starting with teenagers, is the realization that being a good person and receiving approval are two separate things. Sometimes they overlap, often they don’t.
      • Often a person will get stuck on the first or second step.
    • What goodness is not:
      • Defending family, friend, or coworker even though you know they are wrong.
      • Arbitrarily fighting the other group or tribe simply because they are other.
      • Never backing down without considering if perhaps you are wrong.
      • Being better than others at doing something.
      • Being tougher and stronger than others.
      • Being first to do something.
      • Displaying certainty about something.
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