The Evolving Monkey

  1. Why do we hate and why should we not?

    • Background:
      • Humans are survival generalist.
      • We are born with just enough knowledge and inner drive to get us going.
      • We are born with the ability to hate, but also with the ability to not hate.
      • We have to learn how to handle our emotions.
    • What is hate?
      • Hate is the feeling of ill will towards someone else or to a group.
      • Hate is the feeling that the other person or group is "wrong" and not deserving of a good life.
    • What is non-hate?
      • It’s not the same as friendship, caring, or love.
      • Not hating can be those things, but it can also be indifference.
      • But most of all it’s the acceptance if a person or group has a good life, then that is okay.
      • It comes down to a lack of ill will.
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  2. Why it’s true “People kill people, not guns” but guns are still dangerous

    • First Reason
      • Guns have a mystic.
      • This mystic is born from movies and TV based on old western fantasies, modern day crime fantasies, and very naive war fantasies.
      • It’s a fantasy many people very much want to believe, and often seek to prove, both to themselves and others.
      • The belief that caring a gun will make you strong is wrong.
      • It might give you a false sense that you can bully others and get away with it.
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