The Evolving Monkey

Why do we hate and why should we not?

  • Background:
    • Humans are survival generalist.
    • We are born with just enough knowledge and inner drive to get us going.
    • We are born with the ability to hate, but also with the ability to not hate.
    • We have to learn how to handle our emotions.
  • What is hate?
    • Hate is the feeling of ill will towards someone else or to a group.
    • Hate is the feeling that the other person or group is "wrong" and not deserving of a good life.
  • What is non-hate?
    • It’s not the same as friendship, caring, or love.
    • Not hating can be those things, but it can also be indifference.
    • But most of all it’s the acceptance if a person or group has a good life, then that is okay.
    • It comes down to a lack of ill will.
  • Why is it easier to hate than it is to not hate?
    • Let’s assume it is easier to hate than to not hate.
    • Hate comes from a host of things, but uncertainty, stress, and the need for security may be of most importance, and those things often dominate our lives.
    • Hate gives a person a sense of self-importance. The sense of fighting a just cause.
    • Hate can be addictive.
  • Why hate is always wrong?
    • Hate causes people to do weird and impulsive things.
    • There are no just causes that require hate, although there are plenty of things to be concerned about.
    • Hate interferes with the good things in life, such as friendship, caring and love.
    • Again, hate can be addictive.
  • How to stop hating?
    • First, recognize the feeling of hate in you.
    • Second, it helps to burn off much of the anger. Imagine yourself doing battle with a monster (or something else) and fight it over and over till you are tired of doing so.
    • Third, relax.
    • Fourth, realize there are no just causes that require you to be angry.
    • Fifth, even if you were wronged, recognized they you yourself have wrong plenty of other people. We all have.
    • Six, you are not special, accept this. None of us are. You, nor I, nor anyone, are special and deserve nothing special that others in the same situation would not also deserve.

Hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy. Liu Xiaobo

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