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Why it’s true “People kill people, not guns” but guns are still dangerous

  • First Reason
    • Guns have a mystic.
    • This mystic is born from movies and TV based on old western fantasies, modern day crime fantasies, and very naive war fantasies.
    • It’s a fantasy many people very much want to believe, and often seek to prove, both to themselves and others.
    • The belief that caring a gun will make you strong is wrong.
    • It might give you a false sense that you can bully others and get away with it.
  • Second Reason
    • If you buy something, don’t you want to use it.
    • If you’re mature you will not want to need your gun in self-defense, but many, the less mature, will be looking for an opportunity to prove their ‘toughness’.
    • We should take more seriously the need to weed out those who are mature enough to have a gun and those who are not.
  • Third Reason
    • Guns are dangerous.
    • In the wrong hands, even if that hand belongs to a basically good person, a gun is even more dangerous.
    • The wrong hand is not just a bad guy, it can also be a good guy who does not how to safely use a gun , who has not practiced firing it, and who does not properly respect the gun potential to do great harm.
  • Final Thoughts
    • Guns do not have to be evil.
    • But fantasizing about them can enable otherwise good people to do bad things with their guns.
    • Carrying a gun does not give a person the right to have their way.

Yes, people pull the trigger – but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror.

Eliot Spitzer

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