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Why the American jury system does not work

We have too many biases

  • Juries can see the defendant and make judgments based on factors not important to the case
  • Not all defendants present themselves well and are judge negatively
  • Some defendants present themselves very well and are judged positively

Juries of private citizens do not know what they are doing

  • Juries are asked to make judgments on law they have little understanding of
  • Juries are not trained to ask the correct questions concerning how the lawyers conduct their cases (i.e. did the lawyers ask leading questions, important questions, questions that mattered to the case, etc.)
  • Juries make too many judgments based on gut feelings.
Bored Jurors
Bored Jurors

Compromising justice to save money

  • Using untrained private citizens as juries saves money, but compromises justice

The alternative

  • A trained juror system made up of both volunteers and paid
  • All jurors would receive training on how to make a fair judgment and to give reasons for their judgments
  • The defendant should not be seen by the jury
  • The trial can be made up of many separate parts made up of narrowly focused questions and video presentations by the lawyers and judges
  • Each part can be judge by different randomly chosen jurors who know nothing about the defendant or the overall trial
  • The trial itself can be managed by a judges who in turn is actively watched over by other managing judges

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