The Evolving Monkey

Why you have duties to others

First reason

  • No on has absolute ownership of anything
  • Others have as much right to what you have as you do
  • Cooperation is necessary to resolve issues of who controls what

Second reason

  • You live in a society of other humans and beings
  • They have rights just as you do
  • You must respect those rights willingly or be forced to do so
a green mother earth with tree
Mother Earth

Third reason

  • Much, perhaps most, of your lot in life is due to luck
  • If your luck is bad, you will need help; the same for everyone else
  • The more universal the willingness to give this help, the better your chances to live a good life no matter what happens, and the better the chance for everyone to live a good life

Life is hard for everyone, not just you; let’s take care of each other

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